Tokapi Platter

Tokapi Platter, 2014

image - bowl

Christmas Bowl with Maple Leaves, 2013

Leaves Bowl

Leaves Bowl, 2013

Squares Bowl - image

Squares Bowl. 2013

Feather Tray - image

Feather Tray

Warp and Weft Dish - image

Warp and Weft Dish in "driftwood"

Dovetail Tray - image

Dovetail Tray

Warp and Weft Dishes - image

Warp and Weft Dishes. Kiln-formed and cold-worked glass. The largest measures 12" x 12" x 1.5"

Red Murrine Bowl - image

Red Murrine Bowl

Reef bowl - image

Reef Bowl

Blue Triangle Platter - image

Blue Triangle Platter, 2010. 

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